It is important to take the prescribed medications correctly and to drink plenty of fluids (at least 2 litres of water a day) and sometimes Cranberry Juice can help.

It is a problem with involuntary leak of urine. This could be in the form of: Urge Urinary incontinence: needing to rush to the toilet and inability to hold urine until reaching the toilet, leading to a leak. Stress Urinary incontinence: urine leaks during activities such as sports, walking, coughing and sneezing. Mixed urge and stress incontinence.

It is an uncommon painful condition of the bladder that most commonly affects females. The symptoms can resemble a urine infection but the urine test is negative. You may complain of urgency (rush to the toilet sensation), increased frequency of urination and bladder pain in the lower abdomen. Your Urologist will need to do more specialist tests to diagnose it. Please ask your doctor for further information.

Botox (botulinum toxin) is produced by bacteria called Clostridia botulinum. In some cases where all other treatments have failed to control frequency and urge incontinence, Botox may be needed to treat such symptoms. The main benefits of this therapy are relaxing the bladder muscle leading to a decrease in the number of times you go to the toilet, more warning to reach the toilet in time and therefore less chance of incontinence. It is given as a small injection into the bladder through a fine telescope.

This is a test which establishes the muscle activity of the bladder. It is carried out by a nurse and a doctor. Fine tubes are placed in your bladder and rectum (back passage). To prevent any discomfort, a local anaesthesia gel is used. The bladder will be gently filled with warmed sterile fluid and the muscle activity is monitored on a computer. You will be asked to empty your bladder at the end of the test. For further information and a leaflet regarding this test please press: Urodynamic study leaflet
Also before the urodynamic study you need to complete 2-day input output fluid chart: Input output fluid chart.

They are related to which part of the urinary tract is affected: Cystitis causes painful urination, increased urinary frequency and feeling of needing to empty the bladder urgently, with sometimes urine leak. If the Kidneys are affected (pyelonephritis/ kidney infection) there will be loin pain and high temperature (fever).

No. This could be a problem affecting both women and men, and also children

By life-style adjustments such as: Good fluid intake, decrease bladder irritant drinks (coffee, tea, fizzy drinks), management of constipation, bladder training and pelvic floor exercise. There are different types of drugs to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and relax the bladder. Sometimes, you may need an operation If these simple measures don’t work. Please ask your doctor for further advice.